Epsom & Ewell Group of Residents' Associations Councillors

The RA Ideology

Working for and with the People of Epsom & Ewell...

Common sense, non-party political and highly successful approach to getting local problems solved.

Thank you for your support over the past years. Together we have achieved a lot. But there is much more to do.

• Solid support for local projects
• Called for and got more funding for Epsom town centre, highways and road safety improvements across the Borough
• Better community policing and less crime [relevant to us?]
• Support for youth activities and facilities
• Support for small businesses and jobs
• Defending our local health services

The days of the National Party assuming the right to control us have gone. Epsom & Ewell Residents' Association Councillors are supported by a very large majority of the voters in the Borough. Indeed our numbers have grown. Your overwhelming support is very important to the future of the Borough.

Why people like you vote for Epsom & Ewell Residents' Association Councillors

1. We are independent; we listen to and focus on what residents want.
2. We work harder to get things done because we answer to residents, not party politicians.
3. We are effective, working together to be independent but not isolated.
4. We give outstanding service in each Ward and over the entire Borough

Working for local services and the NHS

Working to protect our quality of life

Epsom & Ewell Residents' Association Councillors' Priorities

• Supporting local business to provide jobs and income
• Improving health and enable our vulnerable people to live decently
• Supporting young people to enjoy a good job and successful place in our communities
• Driving planning to improve our home areas, not damage them by indiscriminate development of green belt land

How you can be part of the action

• Let us know what you want so we can represent you properly
• Join our campaign for effective local democracy in Epsom & Ewell
• Join us to chat and catch up
• Volunteer.
• Donate.

Did you know?

• Epsom & Ewell is the only Council in mainland Britain run by independent Residents' Association Councillors.
• Residents' Association Councillors work hard locally and at county level for all residents in Epsom & Ewell.
• We have close and extensive links with many other Independent Councils and Councillors across the country and not just in Surrey. And the Independent Group of Councillors grows with every election.

Local people in Epsom & Ewell have time and again (since the foundation of the Borough in 1937 in fact) shown that they do not want party politicians running the local Council.

Our Councillors bring a wealth of experience in business, construction, project management, health, voluntary sector and as governors of local schools. Help us to put that to good use for you.

Epsom & Ewell Residents' Association Councillors provide a network of support, training and expertise and are always conscious of the need to listen to you the residents, who consistently re-elect us in recognition of our determination to put you first.

Please support Epsom & Ewell Residents' Associations thus putting Epsom & Ewell Residents First

A growing and effective local force in Epsom & Ewell.

An effective team of Epsom & Ewell Residents' Association Councillors across the Borough is working for you. We will continue to stand at all local & County elections in the Borough to ensure you get heard at both local and County levels.

We think all Councillors should act on the concerns of local residents and NOT be tied to national party politicians with their party politically motivated, national agendas which do not relate to the aspirations and needs of local residents.

Let's keep national party politics out of our Council

When we vote, we count!

Epsom & Ewell Residents' Association Councillors focus on the important issues for you in Epsom & Ewell and do not waste time and money on party politics

Join your local Ward Residents' Association. Members get a support network of advice, mentoring, a route to directly influence local and national government, newsletters and invitations to social events and conferences.

Why not join our growing force in local democracy?

If you are able to assist in any way possible then please complete the form from here

(when submitted this will be directed to your Local RA Committee)

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